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We make Plans...

Financial planning is more than a monthly report of assets, investments, and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why. This includes identifying your needs, wants, concerns, expectations, and goals.

We use MoneyGuidePro® to help address common fears and concerns. Examples include planning for rising health care costs, concerns about outliving your money or the best time to file for Social Security.  Each of these can be identified and addressed in advance. MoneyGuidePro® integrates a confidence meter that helps gauge how likely you are to minimize or alleviate these concerns. You can choose to start your plan to guide you and to stay on track- or continue to get distracted by click-bait or any day’s sensational headlines.

Learn how financial planning with MoneyGuidePro® can help. Financial Planners strive to build, protect, and distribute from nest eggs.  You provide the ‘what’ and ‘why;’ we can provide the ‘how.’ Let’s make a (your) plan.

MoneyGuidePro.®  Contact us today.


Investment Advisory

We use a leading provider of integrated portfolio and reporting solutions employed by 1000’s of financial advisors and institutions. Its open architecture platform encompasses a broad range of institutional-quality research, investment products, and advisory resources. We have resources with expertise in many areas that can help simplify complex issues- while we strive to meet your needs in building and protecting your nest egg.



Advanced Insurance Strategies

Insurance is an important tool that transfers risk… and provides a predictable outcome to life’s unpredictable turns.  Advanced insurance strategies have been used to create or complement:

  • Business Planning (Deferred Compensation/ Executive Bonus)
  • Estate Planning (Legacy/ IRA Wealth Transfer)
  • Retirement Planning (Diversified Income Sources)
  • Protection Planning (College Funding/ Protection Plus.)

As is evident here, there are many more options and opportunities than what simple term insurance can provide.


We’ve expanded our Notary services.  We now can perform remote eNotarizations to fulfill the needs of international, vulnerable or infirmed clients… especially when Notary stamps have to be affixed to newly created financial or legal documents.

Our subscription to the Signix Remote eNotary platform provides:

  • Security- encrypted, secure & recorded video conferencing.
  • Physical Distancing- no physical presences are required.
  • Convenience- from your home or office without the constraint of normal business days or hours.
  • COVID Friendly- at least our virus protection software did not have to update to accommodate this virus.
  • Witnesses- can be added without their physical presences.

Technology can- and does adapt. Until we return to the ‘newest’ normal, stay safe and use our remote eNotary service to fulfill your Notary needs. It is truly convenient.

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This is the way we work. We review and strive to offer the best ideas, options & opportunities available.


Personal relationship with our clients is key. We strive to provide calls-back during normal business hours within 10-15 minutes even when we're busy.

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